How we are running a sustainable small business

How we are running a sustainable small business

Small business sustainability and eco friendly packaging


Running a small business means the world to us. We are always working hard to create products that bring joy to you, our customer and at the same time do not harm the world and environment we live in. This is so important to us that our aim is to work and sustainably produce our products. We work really hard to find the best suppliers that align with our values and source product materials and packaging that is as eco-friendly as possible.

Our Packaging

Packaging is so important. We do our best to package our products carefully and use minimal packaging where possible and also ensure your items travel and arrive in excellent condition no matter where in the world we are sending them to. 

• Our outer envelopes are board backed and sturdy to keep your items safe during transit. They are made from recycled and/or recyclable materials and you can pop them in your home recycling bins.

• We use compostable clear bags to wrap our cards and prints to make sure that even if the outer packaging gets damaged or wet (doesn't actually happen very often at all), your items are dry and secure. They are compostable at home or at speciality facilities as they are made of potato and corn starch. We also encourage people to reuse them where possible to reduce waste. Perhaps you could use them to keep documents, photos or memorabilia at home. They are great for keeping things dry and away from dust!

• We send spare envelopes with each card order so you can send your cards to loved ones easily. These are made from recycled materials. Currently, we offer recycled kraft envelopes. Again, consider re-using where possible. 


• FSC certified paper - We only use paper from suppliers that are FSC certified ( This means that the paper is sourced responsibly from carefully managed forests and/or recycled sources. 

• Our wrapping paper is made from uncoated paper. It has a very natural look and absorbs ink easier than other papers, which reduces smudging if you're writing on them. Our wrapping paper is also fully recyclable at home.

• Sometimes we use packaging tape to secure your larger orders. Rest assured this tape is made of kraft paper and natural rubber-based adhesive which means it is also fully recyclable. Just leave it on the card box. It can be recycled up to about 7 times after.

We print in small runs

We have a local printing partner that prints our greeting cards. The paper they use is FSC certified and we print small amounts to make sure we do not end up with lots of stock laying on the shelves. 

Help us improve

We are always looking for ways to improve and do better. Whether it is reducing packaging, better and more eco-friendly products and materials or supporting charities and environmental causes. If you have a great idea or a suggestion on how we could do better - please drop us a message - we'd love to hear from you.

Gabi & Gaby Forest (via Ecologi)

We plant a tree for every order made through our shop. Ecologi (our chosen platform) makes it easy to fund the world’s best climate crisis solutions and reforest the planet, supercharging your impact over and above just limiting your own damage.

If you wish to help us plant more trees or find out more about this project visit our little forest here. So far we have planted 70+ trees.

See how many trees we have planted so far ⬇️

We plant trees with Ecologi

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